[Purple impurities of Chuanbei stewed Sydney]_Chuanbei stewed Sydney_Bad_Injury

[Purple impurities of Chuanbei stewed Sydney]_Chuanbei stewed Sydney_Bad_Injury

In the impression of everyone, Chuanbei stewed pears are extremely nutritious and suitable for many people.

In fact, everyone has also overlooked a problem. If overdose or symptom is not right, it will cause resonance, even worse, and worsen the condition.

Runfei cough, phlegm and asthma, clearing heat and phlegm.

From the perspective of toxic and side effects, Chuanbei does not have any toxic and side effects.

Because Chuanbei is a cold medicine, its main function is to clear heat and detoxify phlegm and relieve cough.

Using the wrong can not cure the disease, but increase the disease.

This is the name!

Fritillaria chuanchuanensis has bitter, sweet, cold, and enters the lung meridian.

It has the effects of relieving cough and reducing phlegm, clearing heat and dissolving knots, and nourishing the lungs.

However, if you have a cold cough, it is very inconvenient to take Chuanbei powder.

Drinking Chuanbei cough syrup after coughing is an experience for many people.

In fact not all coughs can be treated with Chuanbei cough medicine.

Chuanbei has the effect of clearing heat and nourishing the lungs, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, and has good cough relieving effect and peaceful medicine. Therefore, it is compatible with many Chinese patent medicines for cough relieving various types of cough.There are also differences.

There are many medicines named after Chuanbei, many common ones are: Chuanbei cough syrup, Chuanbei syrup, Beef yellow snake gall Chuanbei liquid, Snake gall Chuanbei liquid, and Zhikechuanshell”.
Lu “,” Honey Lian Chuanbei Ointment “and so on.

Mainly used for fever cough, such as wind-heat cough, dry-heat cough, lung fire cough.

The simple method is to look at the color and thickness of sputum. The common feature of fever cough is that the sputum is thick and yellow, while the white sputum is cold and cough is not suitable. Otherwise, the cough symptoms will not improveIt will even worsen the situation.
The cough caused by dryness is characterized by dry mouth, less sticky sputum, yellowish color, sore throat, or accompanied by fever, headache and other symptoms, and it can be a good substitute for Chuanbei powder.

If the mouth is light and not thirsty, itchy throat, mainly at night cough, thin sputum should not be used, you should consult a doctor in time.