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6 tips for editors to easily manage allergic muscles

Skin allergies can usually come in two forms. One is perceived symptoms such as itching and tightness; the other is overt symptoms such as redness, desquamation, redness, and swelling. Of course, there are two more serious symptoms.

What do you do when these sensitive conditions happen unexpectedly?

  What to do for skin allergies ● Use a single-effect product First, temporarily discontinue all labeled “medicines”, containing acid ingredients, fragrances, alcohol, or multi-functional appeals, such as maintenance and skin rejuvenation products that have both whitening and anti-wrinkle effectsAnd only use a single-effect moisturizing product to replenish moisture to the skin and strengthen the fragile cuticles.

  ● Pay attention to the balance of water and oil. When choosing a moisturizing product, pay attention to whether it is a moisturizing essence, lotion or cream, it must be applied lightly and easily.

Because allergies do not only occur on dry skin, pay attention to oil-water balance. It is a moisturizing milk that can provide skin with both water and phospholipids. It is suitable for oily or mixed muscles. Dry skin needs to be rich inNatural soothing ingredients, such as the hydrating moisturizing cream, are good.

  ● Avoid makeup when sensitive. Most makeup remover products can cause skin irritation and aggravate allergies. Therefore, when you have sensitive hair, be careful not to use makeup, and use pure vegetable-based makeup remover.

If you have baby oil on your hands, because it does not contain emulsification residue, it can also be used to remove allergies.

  ● Sun protection is very important. When skin is sensitive, pay more attention to daily protection.

Ultraviolet rays can reduce skin’s water retention and make allergies worse.

To avoid aggravating allergies, use physical sunscreen above SPF25 / PA ++ instead of chemical sunscreen before going out every day. Pay attention to the amount and uniform coverage when applying.

If it can be matched with UV-resistant umbrellas or sunglasses, it can enhance the sun protection!

  ● Paste Soothing Mask SOS has a soothing repairing mask, which can help skin quickly show sensitive symptoms.

This type of mask often contains calming ingredients, such as natural plant extracts, sea water or hot spring water ingredients, while hydrating and moisturizing, relax your skin, normalize skin metabolism, and strengthen the skin’s ability to repair itself.

In addition, the form of the mask is also very important. The creamy clean type mask is the best, because the tear-off type mask will damage the epidermis due to excessive force during the removal process, and the woven mask will usually add safety.Dosage of preservatives is more uncomfortable for fragile skin in a sensitive state.

  ● Moisturizing spray is ready at any time. Daily use of moisturizing spray to calm the skin at any time is a good way to relieve dryness and allergic symptoms.

Soothing spray containing natural rose and chamomile ingredients helps to alleviate sensitive discomfort immediately, while spray containing weak acidic marine deep water ingredients has repairing and regenerating effects, especially suitable for skin with deficient skin and sensitive skin.

  Editor’s Choice Essence Lauder Intensive Repairing Serum Deeply and Quickly Repairs Skin Exposed to Excessive or Long-Term Stress and Irritation.

It is used for 21 consecutive nights each season to relieve skin allergies and repair damage, especially suitable for skin care needs in different seasons.

  L’OCCITANE Honey Soothing Mask soothes, softens and strengthens even the most sensitive skin.

It is especially effective after the skin is damaged by wind and sun.

  OLAY Magnolia Oil Multi-Purpose Repairing and Moisturizing Cream increases collagen level and promotes epidermal cell synthesis to ensure skin water and oil balance. The fragrance-free and pigment-free formula is more suitable for sensitive skin.