Don’t rub with snow after frostbite

Don’t rub with snow after frostbite

It is not true that folks have rubbed and thawed with snow after having frostbite.

This method will not relieve frostbite at all, but will aggravate the condition, resulting in redness and swelling of the skin and blisters. It is also incorrect to soak the frostbite with hot or cold water after the frostbite.

The correct method is to quickly add the frostbite limb to warm water, and the water temperature should not exceed 40.

For 5 months, avoid scalding unconscious tissues.

  In addition, some patients wear tight socks and hats immediately to warm themselves after frostbite. This practice easily breaks the skin of the affected area and causes secondary injuries.

After frostbite on ears and nose, you can immediately warm it with your hands.

  Doctors recommend that you go out in the winter to keep warm and cold. Wearing short and tight shoes, continuous motionlessness, and barely touching metal with low temperatures can easily cause frostbite.

After frostbite, patients are best treated urgently, and severe cases should go to the hospital for medical treatment.