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How women should have good skin

Introduction: Every woman is eager to have smooth and fine skin, and I believe you are no exception.

In fact, having good skin does not necessarily require expensive skin care products.

They all say, “There are no ugly women, only lazy women.” Therefore, in order to have good skin, in addition to maintaining their appearance scientifically, MMs also need to maintain a good daily routine, eating habits, otherwise all maintenance is wasted.


Smile, the most effective skincare product for women. Perhaps you already know the serious consequences of reducing emotions and stress on the skin: saggy and dry skin, acne-prone skin, dullness, and dull complexion.

With every small smile, you may not understand enough how beautiful it can make you.

  Recent studies have shown that the skin’s color, moisturization, and firmness are all related to human endocrine, and emotions are playing a key role in regulating endocrine.

When you smile, a happy polyphenol (Endorphin) is secreted in the brain, which is helpful for alleviating human suffering and enhancing immunity.

The skin also has a similar mechanism. When the skin feels that you are smiling, its ability to resist inflammation, proliferate keratinocytes, and promote collagen cell production is greatly enhanced.

Therefore, it is not surprising why the skin of a happy woman always looks so glorious. It is not the secret magic that God secretly gave her, but she embraced the youth elixir of smile.


Internal adjustment is more important than external nutrition. If you want good skin, pay attention to your own diet first.

The skin is a mirror of the health of the body. The skin is dull and spotty. Adult acne often has external problems many times, but it is caused by internal factors.

For example, while the skin is tight, it may feel dry and dry; acne may also have symptoms of constipation, which means that the skin is tired, and the owner of the skin is likely to be eroded by excessive pressure and metabolic imbalance.

  From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine theory, self-regulation from the inside of the body is the long-term and effective way to solve skin problems.

Dry skin, long spots and fine lines are signs of aging and are related to vitamin E.

Therefore, timely vitamin E supplementation is the key to retaining youthful skin.

In general, vitamin E is found in vegetables, fruits, and meat, and especially in nuts, with almonds.


Drinking plenty of water is certainly not the first time you have heard this sentence, but it is indeed the easiest and most practical way to maintain the best skin condition.

Because water has the effect of promoting the elimination of wastes from the body, even in the cold winter, we should insist on applying eight to nine glasses of water daily to clean your body and skin, especially OLs who often work in air-conditioned environments.


Multi-fruit vegetables Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E can protect your health. You should consume at least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables (excluding potatoes) every day to make your skin more delicate and white.


Good skin comes from exercise. In fact, exercise is the only way to have perfect skin!

If you want to completely improve your skin, you ca n’t just apply skin care products, starting from the root, so that all the functions of the body are healthy, and your skin will naturally be healthy and healthy!

  But remember to remove makeup completely before exercise, because cosmetics cover the pores, make sweat and oil secretion and discharge smoothly, cause pores to be blocked, and lead to the growth of acne acne.

Secondly, bunch up or clip your hair, try not to use styling products, so as to avoid the styling products flowing to the surface when sweating, and always stain the pores.

After exercise, remember to wash your face and thoroughly remove sweat, oil, and dirt. After that, you will find that after the body discharges these toxins, the skin will feel extremely refreshed and clean!

  If you love outdoor sports, you need to take sun protection measures for your skin.

Moderate sunlight helps regulate and promote skin function.

However, if exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long period of time, the skin will be excessively dry and prematurely aging, which will stimulate the proliferation and precipitation of melanin and make the spots appear.

Therefore, whitening and sun protection are the designated actions of sports.


Sleep well, the color of the skin, the content of melanin in the epidermal cells, the location, and the degree of skin vasoconstriction.

These factors are caused by the regulation of the urinary system in the neurohumoral fluid, and sleep triggers the role of director.

Therefore, sleep is full of youthful vitality.

Eliminating fatigue, rejuvenating, and radiant factors are also a means of treating certain neurological diseases, and are also the basic way of healing, rehabilitation, beauty, and health.
Only sufficient and optimal sleep can improve fatigue, promote health, nourish the skin, and show a beautiful face full of youthful vitality.

Keeping facial skin clean is also an old saying, but we must know that the old saying is usually the most effective.

If you have oily skin, please wash your face with cold water and pat dry with your hands to prevent the strong oil secretion and blackheads.

  Beauty and deep cleansing only takes place once a month.

It is not enough to go to the beauty salon for care to have good skin. On the contrary, too much beauty and deep cleansing will destroy the balance of the skin itself.

Therefore, we recommend beauty and deep cleansing only once a month.


Makeup Remover Makeup remover is an integral part of every MM cleansing.

Apply various cosmetics to the face every day. If makeup is not removed thoroughly, cosmetic residues will cause pores, and the serious consequences can be imagined.

Thoroughly cleaning the skin and thoroughly removing makeup are absolutely essential to beauty.


Pay attention to moisturizing at night The night is the period when the skin repair ability is the strongest, so we must seize this time for skin care.

Before going to bed, wash your face, especially girls who like makeup, thoroughly remove makeup, and then apply moisturizing cream with good moisturizing effect and apply it on the face.


Many people do n’t know how to handle your hair well. There is a lot of dust and oil in your hair. These things are the enemy of good skin.


It is a disfigurement to follow the trend, and there is no need to explain the word follow the trend. Many people are, when they hear something, they rush to buy it.

It didn’t take long to buy it, and it was left there for fun.

Looking at one of my bottles and jars, I felt infinite guilt and remorse . the mood once again affected the state of the skin.

  Why does following the trend disfigured?

I think that people who follow the trend often regard their faces as the perfect test field.

Constantly changing and trying, I want to tell my friends solemnly that it is the face, not the buttocks, not the heels.

In fact, buttocks and heels are not willing to be a test field.


It ‘s better to believe someone ‘s experience when listening to others ‘words. Some people use good skin care products they ‘ve been using. One day, someone said, why are you still using Dabao?

That won’t work.

From then on, the person gave up Dabao directly to Estee Lauder, but soon found that the skin was obviously shifted, but could not find the reason, and then used his own Dabao, but it had no effect.


Big brands are used to it, and then using Dabao, using Dabao is no longer effective.

  So just use what you think is appropriate.

You’ve used it for a long time and it works well. No one else can say no to it?