The biggest victims of parental smoking are children

The biggest victims of parental smoking are children

Guan Ying, a professor at the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences and vice president of the Tianjin Family Education Research Association, pointed out that children’s imitative psychology and curiosity are relatively strong, and parents smoking at home in front of their children will increase the possibility that their children will become smokers.

A survey conducted by the World Health Organization in Shanghai found that smokers accounted for 4% of junior high to high school students, and 23.

8% of students have tried smoking.

Among underage smokers, only 7 years old started smoking.

Another survey result shows that, compared with the proportion of children who always have smoking parents in the family, in families where both parents quit smoking when the child is about 8 years old, the child may not eventually become a smoker as much as 40%.

  For minor children, the harm of smoking is enough to endanger physical health, and it will cause many other social problems.

Guan Ying further stated that a previous survey of juvenile offenders indicated that there were 95.

7% of urban underage smokers smoke, while only 5 of urban minors smoke.

2%, the two groups formed a significant difference.

Some children start with a cigarette when they interact with people who have disadvantages in the society.

Some children have caused theft, robbery, etc. in order to raise money for cigarettes.

  Relevant survey data also show that if smokers start smoking and develop habits from a young age, they will have a 50% chance of dying from tobacco-related diseases.

Half of them will die before middle age or 70 years old, losing about 22 years of normal life expectancy.