Woman waiting for love

Woman waiting for love

I wonder if you have noticed that there are a group of young white-collar single women hovering around us, and their number is gradually increasing.

In the workplace, they may be able to do well and gain a lot; in daily life, they have not been able to grasp happiness, as if insulated from love and insulated from marriage.

That is to say, loneliness also has a beauty, but when they take out the softest part of the heart, you will find that they are actually waiting for love, but love is like a delayed monsoon, and it is not late.

  Meng Fei, who was sitting in front of dark knives and dried flowers, wore a water-red sweater and a purple silk scarf lazily laid on the front. Her short hair was fluffy but neat. She came over to look carefully and beatReason, she said slowly in the steaming fragrance of coffee, occasionally leaving a gentle blank.

  Maybe it’s only because of the slow heat that it has been until now.

Love, for example, is like a station, all kinds of people come here, waiting to board their own special train.

  When I was 22 years old, I was standing on this platform. There seemed to be a lot of trains to enter, but at that time, I was unaware and not very attentive.

  When I was 26 years old, the wedding of a best friend suddenly touched me. Should I consider changing my emotional direction, but the situation at the time was that I was stuck in a sensitive stage of promotion, and overtime was commonplace.I’m studying business administration, so the men who held the roses said “Sorry” one by one and they couldn’t wait.

Although I feel sorry, it is not a pity.

With one exception, his departure made me feel a little painful in retrospect.

At that time, he was very involved in all aspects, and just broke through a layer of window paper.

He asked me to eat one day after work.

Unfortunately, the boss temporarily had a document for me to rush out, so I asked him to wait in the coffee shop downstairs first.

As a result, I forget the time as soon as I am busy, and then I remember that it is one o’clock in the morning.

I rushed downstairs, the coffee shop closed early, and the doorman handed me a letter and a bouquet of roses.

I looked dumbfounded.

He said in the letter that today is my birthday. He was going to propose to me after a good meal with me. He will go to Australia the next day. He will be sent to the public for two years.I tried to take me out, but in the end I asked him to wait until 12 in the evening, and he couldn’t even recall a phone call.

He said that in my mind he was far from having a part of my work. Since this is the case, it doesn’t matter. People don’t even care about the difference.

Finally he politely wished me “happiness”.

After reading the letter and contacting him, he was like a disconnected kite.

     Now, when I am 32 years old, I stand on the platform of love. People around me have found their destination. Only I still stay where I am . I do n’t think that I am 26 years old and I become a pair of hands.The knife continuously wears away my confidence in life.

A woman without love is equal to a dry flower that must be moisturized. I don’t want to sting anymore.

  God gave me a piece of “some” beautiful Maggie and pulled out a form invitation from her purse. She said that she had already called six red envelopes this year. Either someone got married or the same student as the baby, but 29 years old.Maggie can’t find her other half right now.

  Unexpectedly, there was no embarrassing silence in interviewing Maggie, and her high spirits did not prevent her from optimistically entering the WTO.

  Every day I pray for love to fall in front of me in the same way (hee hee), don’t think that I am “hungry” and faint and grab no food, otherwise I won’t be able to marry a hundred.

I still think of love as beautiful and pretty. Although there are many uninteresting people, many people who can’t bear the loneliness and deceive themselves play it very “rotten”, “rotten” and later “love”Not so expensive.

I believe that true love has a divine purpose in it.

  There used to be a poor worm in our office. It seemed that I was afraid that I would not be able to marry my wife in this life. After chasing Zhang San, I immediately chased Li Si, and finally came after me.

It was still a meal when the female compatriots inadvertently faced the caliber. It turned out that the lady in the entire office had received the love letter secretly sent by this man before and after. It was a slippery tale, and everyone finally found a reasonHe had a meal, he resigned and left, who made him so cheap?

Sometimes this is the case, chased by someone you look down on, you will feel an insult to yourself.

So I was honest, stayed calmly, and waited for the “mark” sent to me by God.

Either the other “bread” or the “bitch”, even if it can be solved for a while, if the unsuitable taste is unsuitable, I will not rashly stuff my mouth, hurt the spleen and stomach, and gain more than I can afford.

  I’m 29 years old. I may be unflattering in age, but it’s okay, I think about it.

As long as there is true love, the happiness of those who marry at 35 will lose to those who marry at 25?

Although love comes late, but it comes purely, I have reason to be more proud.

  I don’t want to be a “fraternity” element, as long as I truly agree with my own feelings, I just want to wait for the person who really shines in my eyes, otherwise I would rather not want to abuse.

Isn’t it easy to be greedy in this era?

I just don’t want to do that.   I hope all the wait is worthwhile before I get the “part” that God sent me.

Even if waiting is futile, I can say for myself: At least I have persisted for myself.

  The heart that gave birth to the main shaft shell was wrong, and she did not look good but was not nervous. Her income was not too high but not low. I was surprised that she should not be the kind who could not enter the siege.People who can’t go up and down, middle school and so on, it is best to “match”, but she is just a woman waiting for love.

     After listening to her hints, I instantly realized that the so-called middle school and so on are actually the most embarrassing, because high is not low.

  I sometimes hate my mom and dad, why do you say that children let her watch so many fairy tales, why not grow up to stop her from seeing those unrealistic LoveStory.

These things are so beautiful, people are addicted to narcotics, and dream during the day, but in reality they fall miserably.

If your mind is a little rough and you feel slow, you may live a little easier, because life expectancy is not high, it is easy to meet, and it is more realistic.

Of course, blame the parents for their angry words. I always feel that it is a mistake for my heart to match with my spindle box.

  Since I was young, I know that I don’t look good, which makes me sad, so I have been studying very hard. I hope I can at least supplement the appearance defects.

But what’s the use?

Girls are always in love because they are weak and beautiful, but your grades are prohibitive.

  In college, I am one of the class cadres. The class leader is a boy with a high spirit. He often comes to me to discuss class activities, and occasionally I come to ask questions about learning.

At that time, it was ambiguous for a boy to come to a girl’s dormitory. I wished to think that he liked me.

It wasn’t until I saw him and a beautiful girl from the foreign language department that I got in and out, and I stopped reading.

In fact, I already knew that I shouldn’t have this idea, but I really wanted to find myself a little hallucination. If I look beautiful, maybe I have a chance.

  It’s not that nobody chased me.

There is a guy who is very good and can do the hard work for you. But when I think of his mediocre appearance and disinterested temperament, I don’t agree.

Sometimes I’m confident: it’s the ugly duckling, so don’t dream of a white swan.

But another thought: Can’t I have the right to dream like this?

  After work till now, all kinds of people deal with each other, often can not get rid of the shadow of the school days: the people I like are always so unattainable, and the people who like me always make me invisible,I once wanted to let down my heart and talk about a love, but in the end, I wouldn’t go on.